What’s involved in sash restoration?

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful sash windows in your home, you probably know how much maintenance they require, and you’ve probably considered giving up on them and having them replaced with modern UPVC counterparts. Stop right there – with the right workmen, skills and tools, you can get your sash windows back to optimal conditions.

Common problems with decayed wood, damaged sash cords, malfunctioning pulleys and cracked or chipped glass are easily remedied with restoration work, and Envirosash would be happy to help you get the work done.

So, what can you expect from our team when they come to work on your sash windows? A typical restoration job would follow ten basic steps.

Step 1: carefully remove sashes from the frame.

Step 2: remove the glass, examine the timber, scrape away any old putty.

Step 3: check the condition of the joints, and clean out any rotten wood.

Step 4: use high quality epoxy resin to fill in gaps, splice in new timber where necessary.

Step 5: sand down the sash, and prime the surface.

Step 6: re-insert the glass back into the frame.

Step 7: paint and finish the window, and leave to dry while examining sash workings.

Step 8: replace the old weather strips, and add any new parts, such as cords or chains. Lubricate and re-balance pulleys.

Step 9: re-insert the sash back into the frame.

Step 10: clean up all debris.

Once your sash window repair is complete, you’ll have a lot to look forward to. Your windows will be free of draughts and rattles, and you’ll benefit from much better insulation and a reduction in noise levels, dirt and dust from the outside of your property. Improved insulation means that your property will be more energy efficient, and will cut down your energy bills. Having had attention from qualified experts, the mechanical parts of your windows will operate without difficulty.

If you want to extend the life of your windows, improve your security, and keep your house’s charming historic appearance, restoration is definitely the option for you. Give Envirosash a call, and arrange for our friendly staff to provide you with a free, no-obligation survey.IMG_3307