What Do You Want From Sash Window Repair?

16/08/2016 - 2 minutes read

What do you want from sash window repair?

We’re always told that listening is one of the most important skills, and for skilled trades people, it equally applies. Clients will look to repair and renovate historic sash windows for a variety of reasons: aesthetic, practical and historical. It’s up to us to make sure we give them what they want.


For some it’s a matter of efficiency. Fed up of rattling, loose windows and irritating draughts of cold air in the winter, they want their energy bills minimised and comfort and cosiness assured. Or conversely, in summer, they want to be able to raise and lower windows which have become jammed or non-functional through warping or over-painting, to exploit the natural air conditioning properties of sash windows.


For others, the focus is aesthetic. Original sash windows, especially in Grade 1 listed and Grade 2 listed period properties, have an elegance which adds enormously to the building’s façade. The restoration of windows to their original grandeur is an act of love which repays the care and attention given many times over, not least in the property premium achieved on resale. Well-maintained period features are estimated to add at least ten percent to resale values of period properties.


For owners of period properties with a keen sense of tradition, conservation of an important part of Britain’s architectural history is the driving imperative. With this in mind, they look to preserve these features through the repair of original materials. They also record changes made, and preserve small sections of the original un-renovated parts, as artefacts for future generations to explore and enjoy.

Most of us favour effective restoration and want to ensure that all of our concerns are addressed and wishes satisfied.

Envirosash provides high quality sash window restoration services to London and the South of England. We restore, draught proof and install slim double glazing into existing period windows and doors. We also manufacture bespoke made to measure windows and doors, all our joinery is crafted from Accoya wood.

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