Value Added Conservation In Sash Windows

05/10/2016 - 3 minutes read

Value added conservation in sash windows

If you own a house with period features such as box sash windows, it’s worthwhile giving some thought to the historical value.

Old and new

It’s easy to regard anything ‘old’ as ‘old-fashioned’ and rip it out. If original sash windows are draughty, rattling and look rundown, it’s even easier to disregard them and replace with modern.
The danger here is that, in one move, you destroy an irreplaceable slice of history, together with the value.

Grandeur and ordinary

You don’t have to be living in a grand Grade 1 listed building with a wide sweeping staircase, exposed beams and swathes of elegantly folded curtains.
If your home was built in the Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian eras, your sash windows are worth preserving.

Historical and value

Conservation projects have gained immense popularity with people from all areas realising the gain in financial value of keeping historical features well-maintained.
This trend is prevalent in both young and old with an increasing number of younger people realising the emotional value of a physical presence of history sitting almost literally on their doorstep.

Television and restoration

Recent TV programmes have added to this trend, with series such as George Clarke’s The Restoration Man. After watching such programmes, it is as if suddenly, the nation is alive with thoughts of sash window renovation on their own older style homes.

Upgrade and benefit

All this is good news for those looking to upgrade before they turn to modern casement windows and turn back later with regret. An older building benefits best when features are kept to the original style, even if more modern materials are incorporated into them to improve their functionality, such as keeping out the cold and excessive outside noise. This is great news for town dwellers as well as those in more remote areas.

Envirosash provides high quality sash window restoration services to London and the South of England. We restore, draught proof and install slim double glazing into existing period windows and doors. We also manufacture bespoke made to measure windows and doors, and all our joinery is crafted from Accoya wood.

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