Types Of Interior Sash Window Shutter

20/06/2016 - 3 minutes read

Types of interior sash window shutter

At Envirosash, interior window shutters are made purpose built to your taste and requirements. Shutters are of superior quality, with fixings that glide open and shut, without pressure or force.
There is a variety of shutter styles from which you can choose, such as traditional or contemporary, which will match your home and its current features, especially if your boxed sash windows have recently undergone restoration.
We give you brief descriptions here of each type and welcome any enquiries for further information. These shutters will not detract from Victorian or Georgian architecture and are often used in conservation programmes.


These consist of 2 wooden panels, which operate independently, one on top of the other. This design gives you control over light and privacy and we often recommend these for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms.

Café Style Shutters

This design covers part of the window and are often installed to cover the lower half of a window in order to improve privacy. Commonly found with windows that face directly onto a street, they are cheaper than full window shutters and let in more light.

Full Height Window Shutters

This type of shutter covers the full window and is a popular choice. You can control the light above and below by the simple expedient of a dividing rail part-way down so that you can independently operate either side.

Tracked Window Shutters

Tracked window shutters are installed on the basis of a track and concertina open. They are frequently installed for patio doors, creating an optimum viewing when open.

Solid Shutters

With this option, solid wood panels completely cover your window. Providing optimum insulation, they are a good choice for bedrooms or draughty properties.

Shaped Window Shutters

These bespoke-shaped-circular-window-shutters can be provided individually shaped in order to fit an unusual window shape or design. Some of the window shapes, to which we have successfully fitted these are arched, bay, hexagonal or circular window shutters.

Envirosash provides high quality sash window restoration services to London and the South of England. We restore, draught proof and install slim double glazing into existing period windows and doors. We also manufacture bespoke made to measure windows and doors, all our joinery is crafted from Accoya wood.

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