Slimlite Double Glazing is probably the most innovative product to arrive in the Double Glazing Industry for many years and was achieved by utilizing the very latest technology and the best products available. Envirosash only use Slimlite Double Glazing in all our fabrications.


There are two types of emissivity glass referred two as (Low E), soft coat and hard coat. Soft coat is applied to one face of the glass often manufactured by vacuum deposit. The other hard coat is applied to the glass during manufacture and forms part of the glass.

Hard coat is the selected Low Emissivity glass for Slimlite and provides long term stability and reduces heat loss by a least 50%, due in part to reflecting the long wave radiation or heat back into the room.


The spacer bar used in all Slimlite units is a structural foam spacer. With an integral drying agent and is referred to as a warm edge spacer technology.

This ensures there is no significant thermal difference around the perimeter edge of the unit, with significant advantages over other spacers and is considered to reduce the calculated U Value by 0.1-0.2.


D2000, a North American product which has the best Reactive Butyl Hot Melt system, with superior strength at high temperatures and importantly the lowest vapor transmission of any sealant on the market today.

Inert Gases

Krypton and Xenon are the best inert gases on the market, particularly for small cavities. They are also heavy gases, which is reflected in the superior sound reduction achieved for Slimlite units and additionally provide very good thermal insulation but are more expensive than Argon used in standard units.

Most manufactures use Argon, a very light inexpensive gas which has little or no effect on sound reduction.

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