Period Window Restoration

 Windows That Last

Original seasoned timber is in our opinion worth conserving at all costs. Often hundreds of years old, the wood is not only of a very high quality but has also moved and aged with the fabric of the building to become part of your properties original charm and heritage. It has stood the test of time.

We take great pride in the quality of the restoration work that we do and know from experience that there is only one way of doing things and that is the right way. No short cuts.

Why Restore?

The main problem that we come across is water damage and rot, which when found has usually damaged the sill and bottom rail of the lower sash causing structural and functional problems with the window. If correctly restored and painted regularly your windows should last a lifetime.

Only in extreme cases is a window beyond repair. Should this be the case, we offer an extensive range of replacement bespoke joinery.

Keep reading to learn more about our sash window restoration process...

Rotten Timber Repairs

"We remove all rotten timber and repair any damaged wood with a unique epoxy resin. We scarf in new timber repairs if required."

Sash Window Restoration Preparation

"The internal and external faces of the sashes are stripped of any loose, built up flaky paint and then sanded ready for primer. Conservation joints are glued, screwed and sanded."

Box Preparation


"When restoring your sash windows, the boxes (frames) are stripped of any loose, built up flaky paint and repaired where necessary. We scrape and sand the boxes, leaving a sound base for us to apply a primer to."

Sill Replacement

"Old rotten sills are removed and replaced with bespoke hardwood sills in keeping with the originals."



"All bare timber surfaces are primed white ready for decoration when restoring sash windows." (We can discuss your final decoration requirements separately)

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