“Air infiltration can be reduced by as much as 86% by draught proofing your sash windows. You will also save a considerable amount of money on your heating bills too.”

It's all about the benefits to you

  • Reduce damp & cold spots

    Reduce draughts and cold spots in your home. Feel the difference.

  • Reduce external noise

    Improve soundproofing - especially if you live near a main road, busy pub or noisy animals!

  • Reduce external moisture & humidity

    External moisture and humidity cause mould and can lead to health problems.

  • Keep out insects

    Insects belong in the outside world, not in your home.

  • Keep out dirt

    Anything that is airborne can make it through a draughty window.

  • Keep out pollen

    Keep out pollen - the arch enemy of hay-fever sufferers.

  • Keep out car exhaust fumes

    Keep out car exhaust fumes - which are bad for everyone.

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Let's talk about what we can do for you and your windows.

Draught proofing - The facts.

You may be surprised, but the total airspace around the average sash window is equivalent to a hole in the wall 6 square inches in size. That’s big enough to fit your arm through. Probably big enough to crawl through if you added them all together! With all this room for manoeuvre, it is no wonder that sash windows have a tendency to rattle and allow for draughts. Draught proofing sash windows can solve all of this easily.

It is also commonplace to position a radiator directly beneath, resulting in energy and money going literally straight out the window. Not only this but, where valuable heat escapes, undesirables can make their way into your home as well.

How will draught proofing my sash windows help?

Airspace is inherent to the design of sash windows; it is necessary to allow the window to move. The Envirosash Draught Proofing System will simply fill this gap with a soft brush, creating a barrier to all of those unwanted nasties and keeping valuable heat in. Your home will instantly become a cosier, cleaner, safer environment, not to mention cheaper and greener to run.

Will it be visible?

No. Using the Envirosash Draught Proofing System, the brush strips, known as a weather fin piles, are fitted between the inner and outer frames, sealing the gap. They will literally become part of the frame. This cannot be seen unless you get very close and have the window open.

How will it affect the movement of the sash windows?

It will improve it.

During the installation process we completely remove, rehang and rebalance each sash window. They will slide easily and won’t rattle. Where necessary, the frames themselves will be expertly restored by our experienced team, ready for draught proofing. Consider it a full service!

Will this require planning permission?

You won’t need planning permission for this; draught proofing sash windows are fully approved by English Heritage and conservation officers. In fact, thanks to a government green initiative, only 5% VAT is charged for this service. It is also strongly advised by the Energy Saving Trust.

In order to minimise heat loss and maximise noise insulation, it is highly recommended that draught proofing is combined with our slim double glazing service. In some cases this will require planning permission – you will need to contact your local conservation officer to find out. Read more here.

Ready to say goodbye to those pesky draughts and start saving money?