Sash Window Safety Smarts

07/10/2016 - 2 minutes read

Sash window safety smarts

Child safety, when it comes to windows, is just a matter of taking a few simple steps for peace of mind. From thinking about the layout of your apartment, to accident-proofing windows and blinds, here are some top safety tips.
The greatest danger windows present is of a child falling. The first rule of safety is to ensure that you’re furniture smart. Young children love to climb so ensure there are no pieces of furniture (sofas, low tables) that toddlers in particular can use as a step to accessing an open window.

Restricted access

With original sash windows, often found in Grade 1 listed and Grade 2 listed period properties, window restrictors are a great idea. These restrictors are small bolts which prevent sash panels from being raised or lowered by more than a specific margin (ten centimetres is the specified safe distance for young children) and are manipulated using a restrictor key.
Restrictors also represent added security against intruders attempting to gain access to your property. Available at most department stores, they are particularly advisable for children’s bedroom windows, where they will be most likely to spend time unsupervised. This simple devices allows for ventilation whilst eliminating injury risk, and is a great, low cost safety solution.

Safety-proof blinds

It’s not only the actual window which represent a risk in the home. Window accessories such as blinds have also proven fatal in recent years. Research suggests blind cords have been responsible for more than ten child deaths in the UK since the Millennium.
It is important to ensure all blinds meet UK safety standards, which relate to cord length and features such as concealed cords or cords which give way under excessive pressure.

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