Sash Window Renovation At The Sir John Soane Museum

19/06/2016 - 3 minutes read

Sash window renovation at the Soane

The Sir John Soane Museum is one of London’s great hidden treasures and period properties. Soane was an Edwardian architect and collector who, on his death, bequeathed his home-cum-exhibition space to the nation, on the condition that it remained entirely unchanged from that point onwards, effectively freezing it in time.
This entailed not only maintaining the artefacts in their original condition (and there are some incredible pieces, including Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress, Canaletto’s Venetian series, amazing Greek and Roman statuary, and a monk’s cellar celebrating the occult) but also the fabric of the this Grade 1 listed building.


The latter is something you’re made strikingly aware of on your approach to the stunning façade of the museum, on a terrace discreetly tucked away behind Holborn station. The original Edwardian brickwork has been beautifully repointed and the elegant sash windows fully restored.


The work undertaken on the windows has been particularly important. The original aesthetic had to be maintained whilst ensuring that the priceless objects the museum houses were fully protected from the elements. The restoration has been seamless, heritage double glazing ensuring the highest standards of insulation and sound and draught proofing, whilst not compromising the beauty of the original Edwardian features.


When you walk through the doors of the main entrance, it really is like stepping out of a time machine. Every detail has been meticulously maintained and restored, from the polished floorboards and Persian rugs to the gilt plaster mouldings on the ceilings, and the care taken with the exterior fabric of the building ensures this will continue to be the case.

Coming through!

Although large, the premises is actually a terraced house and so has a cramped, intimate feel. Some of the corridors are so narrow, and so stuffed with antiquities, that you literally have to turn sideways on to navigate them, and to retreat to a passing space if you meet someone coming from the opposite direction.
Free entry

The museum is free entry, another condition stipulated by Soane in his will, and staffed by informed and enthusiastic volunteers who will happily take the time to fill you in on the history of this gem of Edwardian architecture and its contents.

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