Renting Out Your Period Property

02/11/2016 - 3 minutes read

Renting out your period property 

Marketing your home to rent out, either while you are away on holiday, for a house swap or you have a second home, is an increasingly attractive idea.

It is becoming so popular that there is even a well-known website dedicated to this phenomena:

Holiday home

Of course, you’re bound to think that your little home is not grand, you can’t see it sitting proudly on a website or that anyone could possibly want to pay to live in it for a holiday.

You may be surprised. If your home was built in a bygone era, yes, even a small terraced house, it will have Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian architecture. In other words, it has value.

Popular features

The property will almost certainly have box sash windows and some fascinating features. These old period features are the very elements which will bring charm and enticement to a home up for rent.

Americans, in particular, but also lots of other people from overseas living in different cultures, love anything historical. British history is often of absorbing interest to travellers. Many would be delighted to say they lived in a house with listed building status.


If you think your sash windows are a bit draughty or creaky and you don’t feel comfortable renting out your home in a less than pristine condition, think about some light renovation. This might be especially beneficial regarding warmth and outside noise.

Sash window renovation is a good start, preserving old features, whilst updating and conforming to local conservation laws. You can also install heritage double glazing for added warmth, draught-proofing and noise elimination.

These are the features visitors will most often ask about, even for a stay of a few weeks. No-one wants their holiday spoiled by cold, draught or noise wherever they live.


The advantage is that not only will you be able to enjoy these new benefits when you return to your home, but you will have earned an income to cover the cost. It doesn’t get much better.

Envirosash provides high quality sash window restoration services to London and the South of England. We restore, draught proof and install slim double glazing into existing period windows and doors. We also manufacture bespoke made to measure windows and doors, and all our joinery is crafted from Accoya wood.

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