How to reduce draughts from period sash windows

Quintessentially British, the timeless elegance and sophistication of sash windows made them one of the most important visual features of buildings in the 18th and 19th centuries. Such was their simplicity and style, that they became the most popular type of window by the Victorian era and can now be found in period properties up and down the country. Faithfully restoring these beautiful windows can be one of the most rewarding but challenging elements of a period refurbishment, however. For as well as retaining the traditional design and creating an eye-pleasing impact, today’s sash windows also have to be energy efficient and functional. Here we explore one of the most common issues surrounding period sash windows: how to make them draught-proof.

My sash windows are draughty; do I need to replace them?

Original sash windows look stunning and are a wonderful period feature; however, the sliding design, seen in many Georgian windows, can be incredibly draughty. It is not usually necessary to replace the whole window, as professional draught-proofing is very effective in reducing the amount of heat lost through the frame. An air-tight seal is created around each of the panes and the outer frame on all the sliding sections of the window. Done properly, it can successfully reduce air infiltration by as much as 86% and consequently slash your heating bills too.

Curtains and blinds:

A simple way to reduce draughts from your sash windows is to put up some good quality curtains or blinds. Thermal lining is widely available and easy to fit to the back of existing curtains. Ensure that the length is adequate and you should feel far less of a draught in the evenings when the curtains are drawn.

Double glazing:

If your original sash windows are in need of refurbishment as well as being draughty, you may want to consider having them double glazed. As well as giving the look of your windows a new and sophisticated lease of life, double glazing your windows is undoubtedly the best way to improve their energy efficiency. Draughts will be a thing of the past and there will be next to no heat loss. It won’t be long, therefore, before you are recouping your costs with large savings to your household energy bills!

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