Making Your Home Pay Its Way

16/09/2016 - 3 minutes read

Making your home pay its way

Savvy home-owning holidaymakers are increasingly finding ways of enjoying great holidays free of charge, either house-swapping or Airbnbing their property while they’re away, to cover vacation costs.
Here are some top tips for successfully marketing your home, whether castle or cabin, to the most discerning of potential house guests.

Sell your space

If you’re advertising a property in London’s rich property market, the world’s your oyster but you will also face stiff competition from clued-up fellow Airbnbers. Be clear that if you’re looking to swap homes or Airbnb with someone in California or Cape Town, you won’t be trading like with like. For equivalent rents, you’ll be offering considerably smaller living space and a less attractive climate.
What you will be offering however is culture and history. Point this up. Make reference to the history of your period property, even its Grade 1 listed or Grade 2 listed building status, or its value as a fine example of Victorian architecture or Georgian architecture. A mid nineteenth century property may not seem massively historic to you, but will be older than virtually everything west of the Mississippi.

Coining in on cosy

Include plenty of photos of its period façade, historic neighbourhood and original features. Make sure these features are well-maintained. Americans in particular may admire history but they won’t tolerate being inconvenienced by it. Major Airbnb complaints, particularly from UK winter visitors, centre around draughts and inefficient heating so ensure sash windows not only look great but feel great: sash window repair, including slim double glazing, will make the prospect of a stay in your period property far more attractive.

Securing the deal

Security tends to be a huge issue for Americans coming to London from smaller, less ‘worldly’ areas of the US in particular. If you can sell your neighbourhood as safe and can prove your home as an historic Fort Knox, you’re three quarters of the way to sealing the deal. Ensure all sash windows are well-maintained and fitted with adequate locks.
In short, work to the strengths of your building by highlighting the history, cosiness and safety of your home, and you’re well on your way to securing an income from your home, and a lifetime of subsidised summer holidays.

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