Make your sash windows a feature

In recent decades, celebrating the history of the buildings we live and work in has fallen sharply out of fashion; period features (like sash windows) have been disguised and sidelined in favour of minimalism, neutral colours and strong lines.

Luckily for our poor neglected homes, original features are very much back in, and it’s time to start celebrating and restoring what gives a building character. Whether it’s classic ceiling moulding, a beautiful fireplace or a gorgeous sash window, it’s time to bring them back into the spotlight.

If you’ve got original sash windows then the chances are, there are problems with them – and it’s tough to make a feature of a window that lets in a draft, suffers badly from condensation or simply lets out lots of heat. That’s why your first job in making a feature of sash windows should be to get the experts in.

We can draught proof an existing window, add slim double glazing to retain the original look and even replace timber where necessary, to make your sliding sash windows as beautiful as they are functional.

Once your windows are up to scratch, a brilliant way to make a feature of them is to sand off any paint that they’ve been given over the years to expose the original wood. You can then stain it and seal it to keep it in good nick, whilst retaining an old-timey feel.

Curtains can also help to make a feature of your sash window. Choose heavy, traditional curtains that will help to evoke a vintage feel and pick out colours that really make a splash. Match or coordinate them to other furnishings for a more conservative look, or choose a bold, stand out design to draw attention to the feature.

Your curtains should look as good closed as they do open, so invest in some good curtain ties that will show off your curtains (and in turn, your window) to the best possible effect – something solid and metal is always a safe choice, or else you may be able to purchase fabric ties which complement your fabric.