The Enduring Appeal Of Georgian Architecture

17/08/2016 - 3 minutes read

The Enduring Appeal Of Georgian Architecture

What the Brits love about Georgian architecture is also what we particularly associate with this period of British history. The Georgian era represents a time of British prestige and influence in the world, and its buildings mirror this with their precise, confident lines, elegant symmetry and ordered proportions.

Elegant Georgian Exteriors

There’s a propriety to a Georgian property. Houses of the period were built according to strict design principles defining positioning of key features and scale of construction; this translated to an airy elegance and grace and helps explain why so many have Grade 1 listed and Grade 2 listed status.

Geometrical floor plans, high ceilings and elegant sash windows admitting maximum light all contributed to this. Even when the Georgian architectural style was adapted to early mass-manufactured housing, as seen in towns such as Cheltenham and Brighton, these principles remained largely intact.

Elegant Interiors

The interior of the Georgian property is just as classily distinctive as its façade. Generally ceiling heights in Georgian properties diminish as the property rises. This maximising of vertical space in the ground floor ‘show’ rooms provides the space necessary to effectively present the statement pieces of Georgian architecture. Generous grand staircases with their elegant, winding handrails compliment sumptuous plaster mouldings and elegant period wallpapers.

Georgian Sash Windows

Where the Georgians got their windows so right was in proportion and functionality. The elegant dimensions of the sash window not only provided a symmetry and elegant focus to a well-proportioned room, but also an in-built air conditioning system. Warm air was expelled by lowering the upper window and admitted by raising the lower one. Thin, refined glazing bars also worked to maximise light, and produced an elegant natural framing.

Georgian sash windows tended to be made with such craftsmanship, and of such quality products, that many originals are still in evidence in period properties today. Sash window repair and renovation of this distinguished period feature maintains not only a material link to an important period of British history, but to what many experts consider to be the high watermark of British architectural design.

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