Conservation Is The Key

23/08/2016 - 3 minutes read

Conservation Is The Key

When you live in a period property, whether or not you need to conform to regulations on the amount and type of renovations you can do, retaining the original character of the house is vital.

New For Old

When original period features are mixed with modern, without any creative thought, the result is often a jarring of styles and a loss of historic value.

Conservation projects on older buildings abound and we are surrounded by examples of superb Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed buildings constructed with elegance and charm. Many of these building captivate by the aesthetically pleasing maintenance work that has been carried out.

Sash Window Restoration

Box sash windows are one fine example where restoration work can retain, and add, character to older buildings.

Many buyers are also happy to pay more for an older property that has been carefully maintained, with quality sash window renovation and carefully restored original features from the Victorian or Georgian eras.

Character Value

Modern reproduction of period features often means using more synthetic materials that simply do nothing to add either value or character.

Conservation today is about more than just replacing things with a modern upgrade; it is about renovation that not only comes close to the original in the physical appearance, but is cleverly blended with more durable materials.

On Condition

Even if the original sash windows on a building are not in a good condition, it may not mean you have to strip out and replace everything.

Today, you can even get heritage double glazing which is increasingly being used when renovating sash windows to help retain warmth and cut bills.

Buyer Expectation

Buyers of period properties tend to expect that the original features have been preserved and that sash windows are operating smoothly or can be refurbished according to standard.

Contact: Envirosash provides high quality sash window restoration services to London and the South of England. We restore, draught proof and install slim double glazing into existing period windows and doors. We also manufacture bespoke made to measure windows and doors, all our joinery is crafted from Accoya wood.

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