Box Sash Window Shutters

31/10/2016 - 3 minutes read

Box sash window shutters

It’s easy to think that window shutters serve no more useful purpose than for their aesthetic value. Whilst they do enhance the visual appearance of sash windows, shutters also offer far more benefits.

If you are considering sash window repair or sash window renovation, ask about the availability of shutters and get them fitted at the same time.

The rays of the sun

UVA protection often gets forgotten when having windows installed.

The great advantage of sash window shutters is that you can control the amount of light and UVA rays which are received into your room each day.

The choice of shade

Some people suffer headaches with bright sunshine streaming through the windows. Others may find it more restful to dim the room on occasions when they want to relax. Most people find it better working on a screen when they are not sitting in bright sunlight, and reading can also be problematic, for some, in strong light.

Another aspect is how much the UVA rays can damage fabrics such as on sofas, chairs, carpets and curtains.

Shade is often welcome, no matter how much we enjoy the sun in this country.

Installing interior shutters is the answer for providing flexibility in light control and UVA protection.

Warmth and noise

Did you know that having shutters on your windows means you can also help to reduce your energy bills? The heat loss through windows in the winter is vastly improved with shutters. In summer, by choosing the level of shade you require, you can keep your room as cool as you need for your own comfort level.

Therefore, shutters offer very effective all year benefit. There is no complicated mechanism, requiring batteries, switches or timers. They are also easy to maintain.

Sound can be another problem. Outside noise can be irritating, especially if you are trying to work, rest, watch television or hold a conversation.

Someone else’s music may not be your choice and even if it is, you just don’t want to hear it. Then there are things like mechanical noise. This can be anything from leaf blowers, garden strimmers, lawnmowers or drilling from highway maintenance.

Outside noise is not usually pleasant or welcome. The way to eliminate nuisance sound is to get shutters installed.

There are other benefits, too, such as enhanced security and privacy.

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