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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my windows be suitable for Slimlite double glazing?

    Usually yes. However, this will depend on a few factors such as the overall thickness of the sash. We routinely carry out a full assessment before commencing any work and will advise you on your best available options.

  • But what if I live in a listed building or conservation area?

    This is not necessarily a problem, although you will need to contact your local conservation officer to find out. In our experience, there can be discrepancies between planning authorities with some accepting slimlite double glazing and others insisting on restoration or like for like replacement.

    We will be happy to meet with someone from your local council to discuss the options available. We can also compile a Planning Application Report for Listed Building Consent, which is charged as an additional cost.

  • Will you be able to make identical replacement joinery if necessary?

    Yes. Our joinery workshop can match any type of bespoke joinery using a wide range of timbers.

  • What kind of guarantee do you offer?

    All Envirosash work is guaranteed for 3 years. Slimlite double glazed units also come with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, which we will match if there is a fault with the unit.

  • Will the work be carried out on-site or will you need to take my windows away?

    All of the work will be carried out at your property, mostly outside. For this, we will require a small work area, which can either be under a gazebo or in one of our vans, depending on your location and/or preference.

  • Will there be much disruption, mess or noise?

    We always do our best to keep dust and noise levels to a minimum. Outdoor work areas will be covered with a tarpaulin to protect the ground, whilst any indoor areas will be protected by carpet protectors and clean dust sheets. All rubbish and materials are removed from site.

    We pride ourselves on our tidy work ethic.

  • If I decide to have slimlite double glazing installed, will I need draught proofing as well?

    We strongly advise that you opt for draught proofing as well. This is because a high volume of warm air is lost through the gaps surrounding original sash and casement windows. Heat retention will be significantly reduced without draught proofing.

  • Is there a reduced VAT rate on draught proofing?

    Thanks to a government green initiative, only 5% VAT is charged on draught proofing. All other services are charged at the standard rate of 20%.

  • Will you paint the windows?

    We will restore, prepare and prime your windows and can also paint them once they are installed if required. We offer a full decoration service, painting internally and externally. Your windows will be lovingly hand painted, bringing out the natural beauty of the materials and creating a beautiful end result.

  • Will I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes. We require a deposit to cover the cost of materials being ordered, items such as glass and new joinery.

  • Will I need to sign any kind of contract?

    Yes. You will need to sign a contract with us, which states our full terms and conditions. This is for both our security and yours. You can download a copy of this document in pdf (Adode Acrobat) here.

  • Will I need to stay in while the work is carried out?

    No. Our team is normally left with the properties keys and/or alarm codes, leaving you to carry on with your day to day business. Our team will leave the property tidy and secure at the end of each day. Like most building work the renovation process can be noisy, so it actually works better if you're out at work etc. If you do need to be in we will work around you causing the least amount of disruption as possible.

  • Are references available from previous customers?

    Relationships with our customers are one of the most important and enjoyable parts of our business. Our previous clients are always happy for us to pass their details on so you can talk to or meet them in person to hear about our services and view our work. Be sure to check our testimonial page too.

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